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Fresh Vegetables

Local Programs

This is our Local Program page. It's a great opportunity to learn information about the programs we provide. Leave an inquiry if you're interested in joining any of the programs, we have available.

Super Health Food

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness program focuses on enriching the positive energy for each individual in the workplace with a sustainable approach. We incorporate when requested garden installations, live demonstrations and workshops to help promote the importance of health in wellness to strengthen your productivity.



The ecovillage program allows you participate in the formation of a new community within a community. This program will allow you to acquire land and resources in a co-housing community on or off the grid.


Garden and Urban Training

In this 4-month garden and urban farmer program you can learn about some things associated with being a successful producer. We will cover agriculture, conservation, safety and sustainability.

Kids Gardening

 Classrooms Create Gardens

Learning how to grow food at any age is an important tool and that's why we offer afterschool programs and mini presentations for hospitals, local churches and schools. In the program we go over some of the fundamentals involved with growing food at home in rural or urban areas.

Community Garden
Agricultural Farms

Landscaping (Sustainable)

This program helps anyone interested in developing a sustainable co-housing community, ecovillage, homestead or ranch. We go over some the short and long terms components involved in the process to complete your project on time.


United Volunteer 

This program focuses on helping local gardeners, farmers and residents with gardening or landscaping to increase the local awareness about our programs and projects.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Fill out a contact form if you're interested in signing up for a program this year or next.

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