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Akron Community Foundation

The ACF has provided consistent support for our projects in Akron area. 


City of Akron

The city of Akron has offered assistance with permits, security and zoning. This complex support system has allowed us to maintain a safe space for our conservation projects. They have also provided vital information to ensure our success as an urban farm.


Summit County Land Bank

The Land Bank has been extremely helpful with our vacant lot acquisitions within the city of Akron. They are offering side lot programs for residents to get access to vacant land.


American Farmland Trust

The AFT provides grants and programs to help enhance and support farmers and ranchers. They are very important to farming communities around the country.


Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News has been an amazing resource tool for our programs and outreach around the country. They are a very important piece in the puzzle for all farmers and ranchers in USA


Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA

The NRCS staff has provided financial and technical assistance with programs like the Akron High Tunnel Initiative to create opportunities for gardeners and local farmers. The high tunnel structures allow participants to grow all seasons, and this helps with increasing the local food supplies.

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