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Class Schedule

Each class is 8-weeks
Expert Instructors
Online/In person options
Live Demonstrations

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Kale Farm

Bee Keeping

In this class you can learn the fundamentals about bee keeping with hands on experience. We help you create a realistic plan to upgrade your backyard hobby or operation.

Bee Farm

Green Building Construction

This class gives you an opportunity to help local green building construction projects. Some examples can be greenhouses, high tunnels, low tunnels, raised beds and tiny houses. In addition, another example could also be new construction for LEED certified structure. 

Oxygen Cities

Sustainable Landscaping 

This class will go into some of the innovative ways to utilize your natural environment to create a sustainable landscape to minimize chemical drift and soil erosion.



This class will cover the basics about how to create a properly compostable pile. Emphasis will be placed on your compost location and materials used for foundation or frame.

Compost Pickup Service

Micro Greens and Sprouts

In this class we talk about the benefits of growing your own food for you and your family. Also, we will discuss some of the modern practices utilized for micro greens and sprouts. Finally, we will help you develop your idea into a successful business to complete your vision.

Vegetables and Herbs

Garden, Rancher or Urban Farmer

This class will have a variety of experimental learning sessions for the students to implement and understand the modernized farming practices in rural or urban areas.

Community Garden
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