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Local Projects

We have a few projects we have been working on recently to help the residents in Akron who live in food deserts get access to healthier foods. Another part of our mission is showing people how to modernize urban farming practices in rural and urban areas through our conservation demonstration sites we have established.

Akron High Tunnel Initiative

High tunnels protect plants from severe weather and allow farmers to extend their growing seasons – growing earlier into the spring, later into the fall, and sometimes, year-round. And because high tunnels prevent direct rainfall from reaching plants, farmers can use precise tools like drip irrigation to efficiently deliver water and nutrients to plants. High tunnels also offer farmers a greater ability to control pests and can even protect plants from pollen and pesticide drift.

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Akron Urban Farms

We have created demonstration sites all over the city of Akron helping farmers, gardeners or residents who need assistance with agriculture, conservation, education or sustainability related projects. We also offer online instructional classes about agriculture, composting, conservation and soil health and sustainability. 


Microplastic Cleanup Initiative 

Microplastics are small plastic particles less than 5 mm wide, which is about the width of a new pencil eraser. From the products we use to the clothes we wear, microplastics are everywhere. Some microplastics are large enough to see, while others are small enough to breathe.

These small particles come from a variety of sources. Primary microplastics start small, such as the plastic microbeads used for exfoliation in certain cosmetics. Secondary microplastics start as larger pieces of plastic debris, such as water bottles and plastic pill bottles, which end up degrading over time. With our initiative we are raising awareness about the microplastic issue and organizing weekly cleans up to mitigate the issue.

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