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Being a native in city of Akron ive seen alot of changes in this city for the better and worst. Nevertheless, I have been in school at the University of Akron since 2012 if you would like a idea of my outlook of Akron. From the duration of my learning at school ive seen many issues on campus regarding unfair treatment of minorities. For example, I was discriminated against on campus numerous times and nothing was ever done to this date. Consequently, the University of Akron is located next to an urbanized area and this close proximity is becoming very troublesome. The lack of agriculture infrastructure and low quality jobs in the Akron area are the main issue as far as my eye can see. Too much focus is on profit rather than the well being of all people. We have transparent plans to protect our community and local food supply chain through advocacy, conservation, education, farming, gardening, stewardships, workshops and volunteering. Our ecosystem is suffering from environmental degradation and we are improving our wildlife in every way possible through small gardens and farming everyday. The support in any way we would receive would help us with our agriculture, conservation and sustainability projects for the city of Akron.

Kashava Holt

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