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Gudetama merch is a fun and unique novelty collectible. The famous Japanese character is now available in the form of a squishy egg shaped toy. Whether you want to play with it or take it on a long flight, Gudetama can help you relax and de-stress. The merch is available in several colors and is a great gift for Sanrio fans.

He's a squishy

If you are a fan of the Japanese animation series Gudetama, you are going to want to check out the Gudetama squishy merch available on the market. These fun little squishy toys are part stress ball and part eye-popping surprise. They are made of high-quality rotomolded PVC, and feature colorful candy pieces that separate from the squishy banana object when shaken.

He's a fanny pack

If you're looking for some cool Gudetama merch, a fanny pack is one of the best options. Gudetama is a cute and lazy egg who appears in various cartoons and games. These colorful fanny packs can be found in several designs, including a fanny pack with a Gudetama face on it.


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