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Gardens or Urban Farms the future for farming

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Vertical farming is a common method of urban farming and often takes place in an interior environment with carefully controlled conditions and lighting. Some vertical farms with conditions similar to greenhouses use natural light and solar heating. Other vertical farms are completely indoors and use artificial lighting, and humidity and heating equipment. Urban Farm Versus Big Garden; so, what makes an urban farm a farm and not a garden? Two factors tend to come into play.

  1. Many urban farms choose the term farm because they tend animals as well as grow plants. Chickens coops for eggs and/or meat, beehives for honey, and rabbit hutches for meat and/or fur are the most common urban farm livestock elements. Turkeys, goats, and even pigs are also raised on urban farms. The space needed to graze sheep or cattle/cows are too great for most urban farms, some suburban farms, however, have larger grazing livestock.

  2. Sometimes urban farmers see themselves as farms rather than gardeners because even if they don't have any livestock, they feed more than the household that tends the farm. They either sell or donate a significant amount of the food they grow.


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